Revolutionary Road –

Frank & April Wheeler are a young couple who have bought into the American Dream. They have settled down in a quiet, suburban neighborhood, where they can focus in the family and live ordinary lives.

The only problem is, that sedated lifestyle soon starts to tear the family apart from the inside out.

April is the the wife of Frank and is one of the main characters in the visual text. She is a housewife and takes care of the kids and the house in the quiet neighborhood. However, April longs for a different life. After years of being a domesticated woman, forced to conform to a boring life by the ‘American Dream’, April seeks a new life abroad in Paris where she can be the sole provider for the family. April hopes that this ‘Parisian Dream’ can become the escape that the whole family needs; an escape from conformity, which is ruining the family. However, the multiple complex relationships within the story conflict April and her adventurous dreams. Frank thinks the dream is impossible and impractical and the neighbours think that they are delusional for wanting to abandon such a ‘happy’ life. Frank can’t quite shake off his job, with his boss tempting him with a pay rise and a promotion. April also falls pregnant again, pushing the dream further and further away. April is desperate for a new life. She realises how toxic her relationship with Frank has become. Unbeknownst to Frank, April decides to buy an abortion kit and stop her pregnancy so she can work in Paris.

Frank is a handsome, hardworking man who is good at what he does, but hates it. Frank loves his family and cares about them very much but he is blinded by the anger caused by the severe conformity in his everyday life. He goes to work to a job he despises and returns to a nice house in a suburb he dislikes. Frank is frustrated with his life. He feels trapped in a job in the same company his father worked at for years, he hasn’t found his passion in life and his love life has become stale. Frank responds to this frustration by having an affair with an intern at work, who means nothing to him. He tries to find ways to subdue his frustration and deal with the life he has. But nothing can stop him from lashing out towards his wife about the everyday issues they face. It’s hard for us to watch these violent arguments, especially because its rich coming from these two. A young couple who seem to have it all; a nice house, a steady income and a family. Perhaps this comfort of life has brought them to tipping point.



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